Anuncio: European Academic Heritage Day, 18 November 2013

In order to raise awareness to the importance of university heritage, UNIVERSEUM, has established 18 November as European University Heritage Day. On this day, European universities celebrate their common cultural heritage through special activities, debates, conferences and access to their museums, collections and monuments. All events will be announced through UNIVERSEUM website.

The theme for 2013 is "Down the Rabbit hole", backstage of knowledge production. This expression is the title of the first chapter of the famous novel by Lewis Caroll, "Alice in wonderland". Alice's adventures begin by following the Rabbit down the rabbit hole. It offers a good theme for the next European University Heritage Day because often university heritage is hidden from the general public but also because it is an open gate to knowledge production. University heritage is thus a good 'entrance' to present to a large public stories on the people, the sites, the tools and the environment that support the production of knowledge. Let your imagination fly and invite the public in wonderland to discover the backstage of knowledge.

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