Col.leccions d'instruments científics

Provisional translation of some parts of the text


Museo Historia de la Medicina

Cataloguing in progresss of 6,000 objects approximately, material utilized in several projects, exhibitions and studies; Project of partial access online of the data base of the Museum in the Web

Universitat de Barcelona

Faculty of Physics, to be explored ( Santiago Vallmitjana is at work collecting instruments. Restoring now some of them at Arts and Dessing School of Tarragona's Deputation in Tortosa).

Faculty of Chemistry, space to explore

Faculty of Biology, Merc Durfort works at the project of creation of a Museum of Instrumentation Científica of the Universitat of Barcelona

Faculty of Medicine, a part of his old instruments are gathered at the Catalonian Museumf of History of Medicinae,the majority keep in good condition. Most of them  have disappeared .


Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona

There is a on-going catalog with an interesting previous study.

Real Academia de Ciencias y Artes de Barcelona

Works fulfilled on the collection of instruments for Carles Puig. Space to be explored.

Instituto Balmes - Barcelona

Center successor of the first  secondary school of BarcelonaCollection of instruments of physics. Around 100 pieces. . Located in high shelves at the laboratory of physics . the institute's archive has been placed at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra's library. Some professors confess that they have received offers for the some concrete pieces ( very disquieting aspect ). Exist plans to bring a collection's catalog  to completion in the years to come.

Instituto Cartográfico de Catalunya

A collection of cartographic and topographic instruments with own material, acquisitions and donations.Recently catalogued

Mentora Alsina

Recent exhibition. Space of work to explore. There are some studies by Jaume Perarnau on the experimental physics laboratory of the school created for Ferran Alsina in Barcelona in 1906Part of the collection is preserved at the Catalonian Museum Nacional of Science and Technology in They are  preparing an exposition on this theme that will inaugurate November's month of this year  itself.

Observatorio de el Ebro

There are a lot of works done ( see bibliography ).